Crypto All Stars, the new game of controversy

For the past few weeks, there are several games based on the crypto-currency. Indeed, there are many objects to collect, including on the network Ethereum. Crypto All Stars is without doubt the one who wins the most successful to date.

Trading of virtual cards

Crypto All Stars is a new game that builds on the BlockChain Ethereum. The idea is a bit the same as the one developed in CryptoDogs. That is to say, the application allows you to purchase digital objects in the collections. This time, these are cards with the effigy of the most famous traders in crypto-currencies and Twitter. There are already a lot of cards to collect.

The game has been launched by Crypto Randy Marsh, who has his own card. But there is also some “celebrities” as the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee. This last did not come back to see how his card has taken the value.

Enthusiasm dangerous

But the enthusiasm of the players is such that, quickly, the game Crypto All Stars has been controversial. In fact, the prices soared into the stratosphere ! Some cards are worth more ethers, which is equivalent to several thousands of euros.

The principle is at the origin of an escalation : in fact, when a user buys a card, another user can offer in buying him, but by doubling the price. You will have understood the principle : many players buy a card in the hope of selling the double.

Move over @CryptoKitties. We now have @CryptoAllStarz to clog the Ethereum network! ?

You can even own a SatoshiLite card for a low low price of 11.7953 ETH! (Before it goes up)

* 4% of all sales will be donated to @LTCFoundation

— Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) February 14, 2018

Charlie Lee explained it this way : “Someone buys a card for 11 ethers in the hope that someone else will offer 20 ethers. The last to keep the card loses all of his money. Your card might be 100 ethers. Someone is going to be very disappointed, and All Stars will arrive, and pocketing millions. “

It is, therefore, a small game extremely risky ! But it can also prove to be a lucrative. That said, Crypto All Stars warns players of the risks involved when they engage in the game : “This game platform has been thought for collectors and for fun. It is in no way intended to offer an investment opportunity. The items that are sold are digital assets of the collection […]. If you decide to purchase a card, please wait to be the last holder. “

Yes, it will still be a game. But play Crypto All Stars can be very expensive, and some have already lost a lot of money. Attention !

Source : Crypto All Stars