Crypto-currency : A fierce war between Ripple and R3

If, before, he was spinning the perfect love, Ripple, and R3 are today the more enemies that the world of crypto-currencies has known. The 2 start-ups are involved in a legal battle for $ 1 billion. The 2 rivals, the major players in the technology blockchain, prosecution mutual before the courts

R3 launches offensive

The prosecutions are the result of an altercation involving a contract between the 2 brands. R3, led by David Rutter has filed a complaint against Ripple last Friday. The start-up that proposes solutions for the blockchain to more than 100 companies accuses the latter of having dissolved illegally its options for the procurement of XRP, the cryptomonnaie of Ripple, which include the present a market share of 8.35 billion dollars. R3 would have invited to the Court of Chancery of Delaware reaffirm the exchange, which had given him the opportunity to buy the XRP at a price of 0.0085 $ before September 2019.

Ripple counter-attack with another complaint

In the Face of the assaults of his rival, the 4th most powerful cryptomonnaie, behind bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash, was immediately replicated by attracting the good grace of the californian justice. The sign accuses his former partner of having escroquée to sign a number of agreements to work. In the complaint of Ripple, it is stated that R3 has gone in as a partner just after the signed agreements.

R3 is abandoned by banks

Other units, many banks are influential and have let go of the consortiumR3. They include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Banco Santander. These different rétractations have resulted in the considerable decrease of the interest that Ripple to his partner R3 of the fact that the latter has decreased in the banking sector.

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