Crypto-currency : the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin is concerned the financial bubble of ICOs

This is no longer a secret to anyone. The ICOs (Initial Corner Offering) are now in full profusion. However, Vitalik Butérin warns investors and says it exists to this day, an increase unreasonable of the Initial Corner Offering because of the tendency cryptomonnaie.

The madness of Cryptomonnaies

The terminology ICO, Initial Corner Offering in the jargon, is at this time on all the languages. In fact, there are currently many companies that perform this process. Note that this last is a sort of investment is mid-way between the initial public offering (ipos) and crowdfunding. Despite the fact that they have recently suffered the banning of China, the ICOs continue to reign as a master in the field of finance.

The excitement has already led many experts to refer to the phenomenon of ” financial bubble “, that is to say, an increase in outrageous and artificial the price of an asset or set of assets on a market. This fact has been obviously taken over by Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, which include, is a project Blockchain from a ICO.

Vitalik Buterin is a warning to all investors

Young and still uncontrollable : such are the words evoked by the founder of the Ether to describe the ICOs. Even if we have the feeling that virtual currencies will continue to increase in power, the young leader of the Ethereum insists on the possibility of loss of money, a information who has what, scared investors. In fact, you should know that the volatility of the prices of cryptomonnaies does not know if they will continue to exist in the future. Moreover, companies such as the SEC are working in the same time to regularize the ICOs.

So, if you also want to raise money in ICOs, it will have to think twice before you rush headlong !

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