CryptoDogs, the chinese game offers to adopt dog virtual

A few months ago, CryptoKitties had made a huge buzz. It is now the turn of CryptoDogs to make him talk. The game launched in China is based on the platform BlockChain Achain. Back on this phenomenon original.

A concept of fun… and profitable

The game is inspired by CryptoKitties, a program that was launched last December. This application of the technology BlockChain moving on Ethereum allows players to collect cats to be virtual, that they can buy and resell. They also have the ability to create couples, in order to give birth to kittens. Each of the attributes of cats is unique and encrypted on the BlockChain Ethereum, as a kind of DNA.

CryptoKitties : the game has had amazing success in December 2017.

CryptoKitties was a resounding success, since the download of the game was the cause of 13 % of the transactions carried out on the network Ethereum ! Some people have paid up to $ 100,000 a chat virtual. Enough to provoke the controversy. Today, the chat the cheapest costs 2 dollars. As you say that the concept is out of breath. This is not the case with the new game that is all the rage in China, CryptoDogs.

A game exclusively chinese

CryptoDogs is a game that caters exclusively to the Chinese. The foreign users may, however, download the app, but they will not find for the moment no translation. The site looks very similar to that of CryptoKitties, except that one adopts the dogs, and not cats. Another notable difference : the game is not based on Ethereum, but on Achain.

CryptoDogs : the game does not exist in chinese, but it is possible to use the Google translation tool to use.

CryptoDogs uses its own BlockChain, and there are thousands of users who buy and sell dogs virtual these days. The enthusiasm for adopting these funny animals is impressive, and the Chinese have become crazy of CryptoDogs. Success is waiting for you. Look to see if the application will not be slowing down, as was the case for CryptoKitties.

Then the phenomenon will happen in Europe in the near future ? For the moment, it does not seem to be the case. To follow !

Source : Bitcoinist