Cryptonetix launches a platform for management of the crypto-currencies based on the technology of Ethereum

The end of the month of September was an important date for The company has decided to move its solution to the management of the crypto-currencies of the platform WAVES to the platform Ethereum. This change has allowed us to give users better flexibility in the field of financing.

Ethereum has been adopted by the community of crypto-currencies. Currently, Ethereum is without doubt one of the blockchains more mature. In addition, innovation continues to be a priority for Ethereum. The company is very confident about the future of Ethereum. It is considered to be the market leader.

Scheduled to launch on October 15, 2017

The company expects ICO from the October 15, 2017. All holders of the tokens at WAVES will be able to trade against the Ether. According to an official of the company, users will be able to benefit from a platform that is accessible on both PC and mobile in order to manage, invest, and exchange of crypto-currencies. He added that the company is working to improve the platform.

Various updates are also provided by Cryptonetix to offer users a complete solution for the management of their crypto-currencies. All the suggestions from users of crypto-currencies will be welcome, said the head of the company.

The different characteristics of Cryptonetix

This management solution of crypto-currencies has a dashboard to help users find related assets to the blockchain. The platform also includes indicators algorithmic to effectively invest in crypto-currencies.

A tool of analysis is also available. It is based on algorithms, AI and non-AI involving the technical indicators. The functionality of funding will allow managers to create new funds on the platform. Investors also have access to the various investment funds offered. Finally, there is the feature dedicated resources. It will help investors in their steps.

Source : BitCoinist