Cybercrime is constantly on the rise since 2016

Cybercrime is undoubtedly the main black point for the development of the crypto-currency. In effect, the hackers are, unfortunately, increasingly many to tackle the different platforms of digital currencies.

Significant risks for investors

The risks related to cyber-crime must be taken into account at the time of the investment in crypto-currency. Because there are many of those to be killed since the beginning of the year 2018. In fact, the risks are increasing because the criminals are increasingly interested in digital currencies.

Pixabay – IamMrRob / security is a real problem that could threaten the future of crypto-currencies.

Even if the crypto-currency may one day revolutionize the global economic system, the security remains the weak point of this technology. Moreover, a recent study of the company’s ThreatMetrix published a few weeks ago, reiterated that the crypto-currency represented a real opportunity to launder money, or to defraud the current system : “The market places of crypto-currencies need to better verify the identity of new customers who open an account, in order to avoid infiltration of criminals […]. They should make a better difference between the ‘good’ customers and the crooks at the time they register. “

Moreover, it is now required to present a valid identification to register on some big platforms like Coinbase for example.

A cybercrime on the rise

And this is not a coincidence. In fact, there has been an increase of almost 45 % of cyber-attacks between 2016 and 2017. Exchange platforms for crypto-currencies are the first victims, the latter of which has reported an increase in fraud and attempted theft. Besides, there are indeed more and more thefts of accounts that allow these criminals to steal victims ‘ money.

Pixabay – JayDeep / There is unfortunately a significant increase of cybercrime since 2016.

According to figures from ThreatMetrix, approximately 15 % of the Bitcoins currently in circulation are held by fraudsters and cybercriminals particular seeking to launder money.

The security is definitely the sore point at the level of crypto-currencies. It is for this reason that the platforms are investing incredible amounts in order to reassure holders of the virtual currencies.

Source : ThreatMetrix