Didi Chuxing update on the technology BlockChain to extend its influence

A new application of VTC-based technology BlockChain will soon be launched by the Uber chinese Didi Chuxing. This is what the founder of the company Weixing Chen announced a few days ago.

An important partnership

A few weeks ago, the company Didi Chuxing, specializing in the VTC, is associated with Yang Jun, the co-founder of Meituan Dianping. This chinese company specializes in the provision of local services. In establishing this ambitious partnership, these two companies want to develop a new application allowing users to benefit from new services. One speaks for example of the on-demand delivery.

Logo Meituan Dianping / Didi Chuxing, specializing in the VTC, is associated with the company Meituan Dianping.

Didi Chuxing continues to expand, and claims to already control 90% of the market of the VTC in China. The company, valued at more than $ 60 billion, wants to continue its expansion, and in particular develop beyond the borders of china. To do this, it builds on the innovations and, in particular, the technology BlockChain.

The interest of the technology BlockChain

For Yang Jun, the technology BlockChain has many advantages in a condition to bring a real added value to the users. He is very aware of this technology and wants to use it to develop economic systems different and offer innovative and useful services to users in order to meet some of their needs.

#DiDi and 31 automotive industry partners launch alliance to build integrated because operator platform. https://t.co/DK2RnPmSNJ pic.twitter.com/EhJpfH5cwe

— Didi Chuxing (@DidiChuxing) April 24, 2018

To begin this partnership, Meituan Dianping and Didi Chuxing will focus on the means of booking transport to the application. This will be the first real test with users in order to verify the usefulness of the application and the performance of this last. The two chinese companies do not lack ambition and have every intention of making a difference through technology BlockChain, using it in a strategic way.

The project is now well recognised. Now, expect to see the use of this ingenious application from customers. To follow.

Source : NCC