DigitalX is launching an investment fund of crypto-currencies in Australia

Traditional investors australians have found a new solution to operate on the markets of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. A publicly traded company has launched a fund focused on these technologies financial. It is DigitalX The australian company has also created a new educational platform on the crypto-currencies.

Source : Pixabay. Launch of an investment fund based on the crypto-currencies.

An interesting alternative to the traditional investors

DigitalX has launched a new investment fund of crypto-currencies. It will be based on the main virtual currency. In addition, this fund will enable the diversification of digital assets. Tim Davies, a former employee of Ellerston Capital, has been named portfolio manager. For the creation of this fund, DigitalX has invested $ 750,000 in Bitcoin and Ethereum. It will thus hold a share of 73 % of the company. It would appear that investors are quite satisfied with this new fund.

Here is a video in English explaining exactly what the funds :

In fact, after the announcement of the launch of DigitalX, the share price of the company rose 27 % during the trading Tuesday at ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). The director-general of DigitalX Leigh Through has stated that its executives believe in the potential of crypto-currencies. They have the opportunity to take advantage of their expertise in financial technology, he added.

Educate Australians on the crypto-currencies

In addition to the new funds, DigitalX has also announced their intention to develop an educational platform on the virtual currency. The company has worked with the vendor of digital media Multiply to create two Web sites, and These platforms will enable them to inform the australian public about the crypto-currency.

In order to facilitate the understanding of crypto-assets, video media have been proposed. Industry experts will share their knowledge. These sites will be used to educate new investors all over the world. An announcement which was well received by the community crypto.

Source : NewsBitcoin