Do you know the PeerCoin ?

The Bitcoin is of course the crypto-currency the most famous. But there are many others, like Ethereum, or Litecoin for example. But do you know the PeerCoin ? Zoom in on this virtual currency is not quite like the other.

A virtual currency for savings

The PeerCoin is a virtual currency is considered by the experts as an AltCoin. It has a characteristic of savings particularly interesting, so much so that some say that it represents the investment of the future. This digital currency was created in 2012 and is very discreet. It was one of the first currencies to decentralized derived from Bitcoin.

It is called the PeerCoin or PPCoin. The model of operation is similar to the BlockChain since it is the same algorithm for encryption as the Bitcoin. But there is a difference consequent.

PeerCoin Logo / This virtual currency is ideal for savings.

In effect, PeerCoin was designed to control inflation to a certain percentage to 1 %. The latter is fixed in the source code of the software. This variable is shared between all owners of PPCoins, which allows new investors to grow their capital more quickly. The remuneration is thus based on the savings. This is the first crypto-currency to offer this principle to the investors.

A capital increase regular

Therefore, the PeerCoin would of course expect to a profit thanks to the evolution of its course, like all crypto-currencies. But it also helps to increase her capital thanks to its functionality savers. Result : the risks are much more limited. The volatility is still there, but the interest rates-paying allows you to limit losses in the event of a collapse of the market.

The PeerCoin is a crypto-currency is little known for now. But it is a very interesting concept, which could well define the savings of the future. To meditate.

Source : PeerCoin

  • sophie Thierry

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