DomRaider launches Auctionity, a new solution auction

This is a brand new solution for auctions, which has made its appearance. Developed on the technology of BlockChain, and submitted under the name of Auctionity, the group DomRaider finally brings a revolutionary solution thanks to the technology which has the wind in its sails for several months now. It is a crucial turning-point for the company that intends to develop this technology as quickly as possible. The proof with the first step : Auctionity.

A very ambitious project

Auctionity is the result of several months of work. The start-up French Tech is being launched as a challenge, hoping to develop an open source solution to manage real-time bidding. The ultimate goal was to use technology in the BlockChain. It is, therefore, an innovative solution and high-performance that will be proposed to international actors from the circles of the auction. We are of course speaking of the receivers, auctioneers, delivery services, or even rooms auction online. Because the means are at the height of the ambitions. Auctionity will be a decentralized network, which allow the management of real-time bidding, and this in the whole world. In addition, the auction can also be conducted online and in-room auction classic.

Multiple functions proposed

The BlockChain Auctionity is very accomplished, and offer multiple functions to users. Auctions are tamper-proof, and they are also verifiable publicly. The access is done in the world, thanks to a generic interface. Finally, the transactions costs are very low, and the consensus on the auctions is done in less than a second. As many advantages that should ensure fast success international Auctionity.

The first version of Auctionity available

The group DomRaider, which is at the origin of the project Auctionity, wants to revolutionize the world of auctions, thanks to the technology BlockChain. Everything has been thought in a simple way, the objective being to make it a tool for everyone easy to use. It is the fund-raising 560 million tokens, which has allowed the group DomRaider to accelerate the development of this activity. But the group’s ambition does not stop there ! In effect, the solution should then be integrated in partners great account, that are specialized in the auction, and would like to develop this service. The goal is simple : convince national and international actors of the added value of the solutions developed by Auctionity. Auctionity should also allow for the virtual currency created by DomRaider on the occasion of its ICO in October 2017, the DomRaider Token DRT, to take value quickly and be accepted on more platforms.

Auctionity is only a first step forward for the group DomRaider who do not intend to stop in so good way. Moreover, the company has just started a major recruitment campaign to double its workforce, and meet the technical needs of its teams. The goal is clear : to become a true reference thanks to the bend BlockChain and the success of its ICO. This is only the beginning !

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