easyMine wants to make the mining of crypto-currencies less laborious

The mining of crypto-currencies can be a very lucrative business. However, this process is far from being a trivial matter. It is no longer a question of cycles or processes to be linear. To get a profit, it must be determined, and, above all, patient. As the difficulty of the operations in the mine increases, the complexity of equipment required also. Over the last decade, the equipment of mining has evolved to become machines highly specialized and costly. But when human factors are involved, there is always a margin of error.

Remove the human error

Today, easyMine develop the first intelligent platform management minages. It has been designed specifically to eliminate human failure in the process of mining of crypto-currencies in order to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness maximum. It is a proprietary technology of three levels called the ” Controller stand-alone Mining of Crypto-currencies. It is intended to avoid collisions and other problems that result in downtime. It would also introduce dynamically performance improvements, and adopting long-term strategies.

Scanning is the process of mining

To remain profitable, the mine now requires levels of precision and responsiveness for a supervisor to human can not always provide. This is why the team easyMINE considered a platform for management of the blasting that removes the human element of the equation. The result, according to them, will save not only time and effort, but also energy. The platform easyMINE is not just a cade of automation, as explained by Dr. Andrzej Buller, the expert in machine learning of the team : “What we have in mind goes well beyond the automation simple. Our system will be able to “learn” from previous experiences, drawing solid conclusions from the accumulated data, and applying them to new situations.”

The vision of a mine crypto-currencies auto-generated and quasi-autonomous may sound like science-fiction. However, the system of easyMine is running on dozens of platforms. The next step of their process is the launch of a public beta, which should begin in a few weeks.