Eidoo, a swiss company, is launching an innovative technology in order to allow start-ups to achieve their ICO via a mobile application

Eidoo, headquartered in Switzerland, has officially launched a technology allowing start-ups to make the ICO via the mobile application of the company. According to the data provider Coinschedule, $ 3.3 billion were collected through 200 ICO in the last 12 months. This form of crowdfunding is today a stunning success.

The ICO are a great way for businesses to crypto-currencies to raise funds without being hampered by heavy stages proposed by banks and venture capital companies.

Eidoo offers a security system very efficient

This year, we have seen a number of companies specialized in the digital currency to be victims of hacking, scams, or program errors. Eidoo has to that effect created a system of strong security guaranteeing the smooth operation of their service.

Discover below the way to participate in an ICO via the application Eidoo :

Recently, the SEC has charged a businessman and two companies of defrauding investors. Another case concerns Tezos, one of the greatest technological projects, which have helped to raise more than $ 230 million. The company has been sued by the State of California.

Launch of the solution ICO Engine

The group Eidoo said in a recent press release that he was concerned about the situation of the current users. In fact, a cyber attack has resulted in the theft of more than $ 7 million. Eidoo has indicated that they no will never the address of an ICO publicly.

The past few months, the tool ICO Engine has hosted the own ICO to Eidoo, which raised $ 27.9 million. The company also announces the launch of its start-up technology-based Blockchain. The popularity of this application is no longer to prove. This solution will enable many start-ups make ICO safely. A solution foolproof way to run his business effectively.

Source : TheStreet