Esports Gold launches an ICO based on the technology in Ethereum

Esports Gold is an aggregator of online media to the community, esports. It allows investors to stabilize the value of the Ethereum thanks to an ICO. The buyers of these chips Esports Gold (GSS) to acquire a share of the revenues from sports betting, allowing a dividend of spaces based on the annual turnover of the company.

The company intends to collect close to $ 5.4 million through the ICO to launch a unique solution, and provide the community with an entertainment area and a website on the ethics of sports betting.

The sector of esports is booming

The launch of the ICO has already begun on the 16th of October. It will also involve the market of esports to this technology. Currently, this sector is estimated at more than $ 1.4 billion. The first investors will get a discount by purchasing the digital tokens. For each Ether invested, they will get three currencies ESG.

Xavier Caré, Wikimedia Commons

Sean Hynes, Director of eSports at the Gold, said they have designed a technology that is fully transparent. Their goal is to entertain users and to inform them of this digital currency. He explained that give a direct share of the company provides a proposal for a safe value for any contributor.

The ICO has met many investors

The technology of Esports Gold is a comprehensive overview of their vision. With such technical and legal support to investors can be confident in its success when this solution will be deployed.

In effect, the ICO has convened an advisory committee of experts, headed by the general director of the company who are very experienced in the field of finance. He is assisted by Danny Meaney, founder of UP Ventures, specializing in start-ups, digital, Raj Sharma, former chief financial officer of Virgin Games and by the contractor Brendon Thomas. This novel will surely make the delight of gamers everywhere, especially the followers of esports.

Source : CryptoCoinsNews