Estonia & Crypto-currency : the creation of the” EstCoin “?

Given that the crypto-currency is now in full profusion, Estonia may want to ride the wave and launch his own crypto-currency. Information that is no surprise as the country is constantly updates in terms of digital evolution.

Estonia wants to launch in the cryto-currency

Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Ripple… the crypto-currencies are on all the languages, and are now at their climaxes. Estonia intends to take advantage of this trend and aspires to create its own virtual currency, which would be named ” EstCoin “.

It is clear that this decision has not surprised the world. You should know that this tiny state in the north of Europe is never behind in terms of technology. In fact, in the country, the citizens can even vote electronically. In short, he is thinking of an ICO (Initial Corner Offering) which would provide him with the opportunity to raise funds.

This project has been explained by Kaspar Korjus, a member of the Estonian government, in a blog post this month of September. According to his words, the Estcoins could be administered by the nation and be accessible to anyone using the program e-Residency. He stresses, moreover, that thanks to the crypto-currencies, monetary transactions be would be secure.

The EstCoin : an idea of Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, the Russo-Canadian creator of Ethereum has played a significant role in the realization of this project. Indeed, the young billionaire argues that the EstCoin could be a real solution to encourage wealthy investors to support the economy of the country.

Anyway, Kaspar Korjus has need of the opinion of the Estonians and especially the e-resident in respect of the implementation of this project will be enormous. This program will he unanimously ? Folder to follow !