Ethereum follows the Bitcoin on Nasdaq Stockholm

The crypto-currencies continue their forays into the universe of traditional investments. Today, the fluctuations of the Ethereum can be followed on Nasdaq Stockholm. This entry follows that of Bitcoin which is already present for some time. Thus, the second-largest crypto currency by market capitalization, is now available on the Nasdaq stock exchange via the trading of two ETNS (Exchange Traded Notes).

A first for Ethereum

On Nasdaq Stockholm, Ethereum will be available in the form of two offers. One is denominated in Swedish kronor and the other in euros. This is a first for this crypto-currency. In fact, the Ehereum had previously been available for any option traded on an exchange. This recent addition you made to the Stockholm stock Exchange the only market european stock market to offer more of a crypto-currency with the BTC and the ETN. The presence of these two crypto-currencies opens up a new range of investment opportunities. So much more than investment platforms traditional seem to want to evolve and claim their share in a market that weighs more than 154 billion. The gradual adoption of crypto-currencies by traditional investors seems to indicate that they want first of all to be part of the booming market, but also that they are trying to make this market accessible to those who are less sensitive to digital currencies.

The potential of Ethereum

Ethereum continues to be the second crypto-currency is the most important in terms of market capitalization behind Bitcoin. Its real value lies in the presence of contracts, smart contracts and Blockchain, which many large multinational companies have joined. Microsoft to Renault, through Facebook, companies see the value and potential of the technology and its implementation is still under-exploited. In sum, the addition of Ethereum on the Nasdaq Stockholm now gives people the opportunity to invest in a technology that is becoming popular.

Source : Cointelegraph