EtherSport launches an innovative solution for your online bets based on the technology Blockchain

EtherSport is an online gambling site based on the technology of blockchain and the intelligent contracts of Ethereum. Yesterday, the company has decided to launch its first ICO. In that first public sale, 10 million digital currency ESC will be sold at the lowest price. EtherSport would want to use an ICO to raise funds and create a platform for sports betting innovative and transparent.

Each participant to this ICO will receive a number of ESC, a crypto-currency used in-house to carry out all the operations within the system EtherSport. The digital currencies ESC can be used as a currency to buy lottery tickets, an investment product…

Check out below the details of the ICO :

A transparent solution for lovers of paris online

Alex Tsymbal, CEO of EtherSport, has given its opinion regarding the advantages of this company compared to other players in the market. He indicated that EtherSport is transparent, which means that all aspects of the lottery can be viewed and verified. EtherSport is decentralized, so that once they have deployed the contract smart in the blockchain, it can not be modified and compromised, he explained.

This technology is accessible to a very wide audience. In fact, the entry ticket to EtherSport is only 1 dollar. Unlike other ICO, the company opened the first sale to all those who have a portfolio Ethereum.

10 million ESC sold during this ICO

EtherSport has created favorable conditions for investors. With a single Aether, they will be able to get close to 2 000 ESC. During the pre-ICO, the company expects to sell 10 million ESC. The value of one ESC is equal to 0.0005 ETH.

This ICO is going to last a month, from 20 November to 20 December and will be implemented in 4 stages. At each stage of the ICO, the price of the ESC will increase, which means that the more you invest yourself early, you will have more digital currencies ESC.

Source : CryptoCoinsNews