eToro launches trading platform

The global platform investment eToro has just announced the launch of a platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies as well as a wallet. These offers will initially be offered to u.s. investors.

New projects

The eToro platform willing to participate actively in the adventure of crypto-currencies. It is for this reason that it has made an application to the regulatory authorities to launch an exchange platform and a crypto-currency. The authorization has just been issued, and the spokespersons have immediately announced the good news during the Consensus conference 2018, which is currently holding in New York.

You may have heard by now that we will be expanding our services to the U. S this year, amongst other updates which were revealed by our CEO @yoniassia at #Consensus2018 2 days ago.

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— eToro (@eToro) May 17, 2018

Yoni Assia, co-founder and CEO of eToro, is very enthusiastic and said : “We believe that in the future, all assets will become digital. This will open up markets to all, and to offer them the opportunity to invest in the assets that they wish to, a simple and transparent manner. The crypto-currencies are the first step of this evolution, and we are pleased to announce the launch of a platform of exchange and a wallet. “

A major fund-raising

To achieve this master stroke, the company has just raised $ 100 million. The aim is to accelerate the global expansion, but also to use the technology BlockChain : “A platform of exchange and a wallet are important additions to our offer crypto, and we know that they are both highly anticipated by our customers. “

After raising $100 million in March, @eToro is launching a crypto wallet

— BI Intelligence (@BIIntelligence) May 17, 2018

To date, eToro offers ten crypto-currencies and want to add new ones very quickly. The exchange platform will be launched at the end of the year 2018 and is extremely simple. As for the wallet, it will be released gradually to selected customers prior to a test, in order to better respond to their needs. The application will be available on the App Store as well as on the Play Store : “eToro gives the power to the investor through a platform that provides them with access to assets that they want to knowledge that is shared and transactions facilitated. We know that there is a strong demand in the United States for crypto-currencies, and we are pleased to offer us investors the opportunity to learn and invest in multiple digital currencies. “

It is therefore a very important step to eToro who should quickly become a major player in the sector of crypto-currencies at the international level.

Source : Cryptonaute