Europol : the criminals move from Bitcoin to Monero, Zcash and Dash

A multitude of representatives of police forces around the world have talked about the use of Bitcoin by criminals, sometimes showing the ignorance of crypto-currencies in the process. Now, it seems that Europol is trying to widen its field of action and to understand the various Altcoins, as well as the way in which criminals can use.

Source : Robinraj Premchand, Pixabay. The Europol focuses more on Altcoins.

Criminals are increasingly turning to the Altcoins

The european Union Agency for the cooperation of police or Europol, formerly known as the european police Office and the fight against drugs, is concerned that criminals turn to Altcoins. This new trend is quite surprising, because most investigators are focusing on the Bitcoin. Dash, Zcash and Monero are among the technologies financial followed closely by the police authorities of the EU.

Source : Jae Street, Pixabay. Criminals are increasingly turning to the Altcoins.

Jarek Jacubchek, an analyst cybercrime Europol, told Business Insider that they have seen a major change, because the criminals are moving away from today the Bitcoin for the benefit of Altcoins. According to the latter, it is possible to achieve a higher level of privacy in the use thereof. There are digital currencies that guarantee anonymity, optimal.

Why such a trend ?

This passage of Bitcoin to Altcoins can be explained by two trends are very precise. First, the exchanges of Bitcoins are currently undergoing a regulatory pressure to adopt the same practices of anti-money laundering and customer identification. Today, the banks require identity cards to open accounts. It scares the criminals. Secondly, most of the authorities are already aware of the potential use of Bitcoin and improve their ability to locate transactions BTC by suspects. In addition, passing of a crypto-currency to another, people can better hide their tracks.

In spite of all this, the Bitcoin is still the currency digital the most popular with criminals, just as it is with the law-abiding citizens.

Source : NewsBitcoin

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