Even the old arcade game rooms, adopt crypto-currencies

The games room, like the mall in which it is located, is a replica of the Twentieth century. Once synonymous with the idling of the youth and lack of maturity, these meeting places have since been eaten by the Internet. But in a city of new zealand, the arcade found a second jeuneuse, led by a Pac-Man that eats Bitcoin.


Use of crypto-currencies to play

The beloved Pac-Man from Namco, released in 1980 before they bring a series of sequels and spin-offs, comes to life in the gaming rooms around the world. However, the question is ” who still plays Pac-Man ? “At Blenheim, a wine-growing town quiet of 31 000 inhabitants, the games room, traditional found a second youth. To the outside as well as inside, Arcadia looks like any other arcade. Except that it has a key detail, you can pay and play using Bitcoin.


Adopt an innovative solution to attract young players

The future of the fiduciary currency is a real subject of debate. What is indisputable is that the money in its physical form is disappearing. However, the arcade seemed destined to be one of the few places where physical money will remain king. However, the owner of Arcadia has decided to break with this tradition. In fact, in Arcadia, players can now pay with Bitcoin using a QR code, mobile. It is an innovative solution that exploits the main target of the arcade, namely the adolescent geeks.

The choice of Arcadia does not constitute a proof that the adoption of Bitcoin is booming. What Arcadia wants is to show another innovative way to use the crypto-currencies. If the Bitcoin has to conquer the world, it must capture the imagination of adolescents and young people. Thus, all initiatives that may lead them to adopt crypto-currencies should be commended.

Source : News.Bitcoin