Exodus incorporates the Bitcoin Cash in its portfolio of crypto-currencies

Exodus, a platform portfolio of crypto-currencies, just integrate the functionality Bitcoin Cash. This is a total of 16 digital asset that users can store on their portfolio Exodus. The press release from the company indicates that the Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic have been added after numerous tests.


Integration inevitable

The press release appeared on the official website of Exodus declares : “In our last update, Exodus hosts the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the Ethereum Classic (ETC) in its family of assets. Thanks to our huge community of testers, the two assets were able to be included in our beta program and are now accessible via the official support of Exodus. “JP Richardson explained on the site News.Bitcoin.com the reasons that led Exodus to integrate the Bitcoin Cash. He said : “The fact that Exodus is constantly in the top 10 in terms of volume of transactions over a period of 24 hours has pushed us to not ignore the Bitcoin Cash. “In fact, many users have asked that the Bitcoin Cash may be available on Exodus. Strikingly, Richardson does not believe personally in the long-term viability of Bitcoin Cash.


The Bitcoin Cash is gradually taking the field

Anyway, Exodus could make a excellent deal with the Bitcoin Cash. According to Coinmarketcap.com currently the Bitcoin Cash is trading at a high rate and is up 13.56 %. This young crypto-currency is now in a bull market after being collapsed in recent weeks. In addition to the Bitcoin Cash, Exodus has also added the Ethereum Classic in the list of the available assets on the portfolios Exodus. In the previous update, it is the ERC-20, which has made its appearance on Exodus.

If you are new to Bitcoin Cash, here’s a little catch-up classes in the video.

Source : News.Bitcoin