Facebook has banned the ads misleading related to crypto-currencies

As a result of the response to continuing complaints about advertisements cryptographic fraudulent, Facebook has issued a ban. According to a new decision issued on 30 January, the advertisements must not promote financial products and services frequently associated with practices promotional fraudulent, such as crypto-currencies or the ICO. This initiative is sure to be well received by the users of the social network and the fans of bitcoins, which recognize that these advertisements are far from promoting the benefits of the virtual currency.

Here is a detailed explanation of this announcement :

“I don’t like” for the ad misleading

Facebook is far from the ideal platform for learning more about crypto-currencies. Its users tend to be people who do not know this technology. Thus, this social media is the place where the crooks can operate easily. Individuals like James Altucher, who has made a false advertising on the Bitcoin, are the figures most hated by the community of crypto-currencies.

Source : Jannik Texler, Pixabay. False advertising is banned on Facebook.

In an article published Tuesday, the director of product management of Facebook, Rob Leathern, has written that they want the users still to discover and learn new financial products and services through more relevant ads. That said, there are still companies that serve ads related to ICO fraudulent.

A decision in favour of the development of crypto-currencies

The ads posted on Facebook disadvantage of the crypto-currencies. Scams such as Bitconnect and Arise Bank are now allowed to develop on platforms such as Facebook. The advertising policy of this social media is particularly difficult. The list of foods and dietary supplements that he will not tell you, for example, is very broad. And it also seems to be a problem with the display of certain content.

Projects ICO and tokens can now be added to this list. The companies that have merit should not need paid advertising. If a product is truly innovative, there are many ways to create a buzz and form an active community without resorting to Facebook.

Source : NewsBitcoin