Facebook Messenger is attacked by a new malware mining for crypto-currencies

A new type of malware has been discovered on the application Facebook Messenger by experts in cyber security. This bot malware uses the many users infected by it to retrieve the digital currency of its developers to the detriment of users. A couple of specialists of the cyber defence has reported to have spotted a malware mining spreading via Facebook Messenger.

Here’s the video explaining these facts :

They have named this malware ” Digmine “. The mode of operation of this bot is similar to other malware that have already been found before. In fact, it uses the infected systems to allow the mining of one of the virtual currency the most appreciated by the hackers, to know the Monero.

Malware discovered in different countries

This infection has been noticed in South Korea. However, experts have already found in Venezuela, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan. The malware spreads very quickly, using hacked systems to infect more computers. It thus acts as a virus and should have reached other countries.

The researchers have not given details on the countries of origin of this malware. But when we know that it was discovered for the first time in South Korea, it is highly likely that North Korea is the principal investigator of this attack.

Of Facebook Messenger for Google Chrome

Digmine includes links to a video file. It affects Facebook Messenger and some web browsers, including Google Chrome. It uses the browser to download additional tools to operate in clandestine crypto-currencies. In the case of automatic connection of his account Facebook, the application will be affected by Digmine and it’ll spread to all of the accounts of the friends of the user. It is the only malware that affects today Facebook. However, it would probably be possible to hijack an account in order to access personal data.

Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Facebook is currently unaware of this attack. Moreover, the social media has removed various links to Digmine.

Source : NewsBitcoin