Find a regulatory framework for crypto-currencies is more complicated than expected

The american legislators have been very clear, and want to provide a strict regulatory framework for crypto-currencies. Unfortunately, it seems that their mission is more complicated than expected. It is in any case what was said by David Schweikert, a member of parliament, a native of Arizona.

A regulatory framework that is difficult to find

The United States had asserted just as other countries that there was an urgent need to find a regulatory framework for crypto-currencies. The popularity of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies has worried many governments in the world, such as France or Germany. Us lawmakers hoped to set examples by proposing a very rapid regulation.

Pixabay – Geralt / Find a regulatory framework for crypto-currencies is very complicated.

But the work is very complicated. In fact, the parliamentarian David Schweikert is out of silence to remember the fact that the technology on which are based crypto-currencies is difficult to regulate : “It is actually extremely hard to regulate crypto-currencies underlying. One could apply a form of regulation in the market of exchange – assuming that they are in the scope of the u.s. government. Thus, even if it would be possible to set standards at the level of the exchange sites, the underlying concept of crypto-currencies based on a record distributed makes them extremely difficult to regulate. “

A clear will

However, the american congressmen are trying to put in place more stringent rules around exchange platforms. Their will is very clear, but the work is complicated. Despite the desire to put in place strict rules around the crypto-currency, the reality is complex. All the more that everyone does not agree on this thorny issue.

Pixabay – Geralt / The crypto-currencies are particularly difficult to regulate.

Some States like Arizona are planning to legitimize the Bitcoin as a means of payment. In fact, a bill was introduced in the beginning of the week, to allow the inhabitants to pay their taxes in Bitcoin.

Everyone can’t agree on the place of digital currencies. And this is without doubt one of the reasons why it is so difficult to find the ideal regulatory framework.

Source : NCC