For Christine Lagarde, a regulation is necessary and inevitable

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, is finally out of the silence to broach the delicate subject of the crypto-currency. According to her, the regulation of the digital currency is simply inevitable.

A notice for a ruling on the question of the crypto-currency

It is at the Summit of the governments that Christine Lagarde stated on Sunday during an interview for CNN Money. The director general of the IMF explained that it was absolutely necessary to put in place a regulatory framework around crypto-currencies. Here’s what she said : “We will actively engage in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. And this reinforces our determination to work in these two directions. “

Twitter – Christine Lagarde / According to the director of the IMF, the regulation is a necessity.

Christine Lagarde has used the term “inevitable” to talk about the regulation of crypto-currency in the coming months. These words come to remember as this will be, without a doubt, one of the priorities of the IMF in the coming weeks : “We need to move toward a regulation based on the activities. Let’s forget about the entities, let’s explore the activities themselves : who does what, who has the authority to do what, which is regulated and supervised as necessary. “

An interest in virtual currencies

Christine Lagarde has never hidden its interest in virtual currencies. Already in 2015, the director of the IMF spoke of this technology and declared to banks that they had no concern. Today, his speech is slightly different because it does not hide its concern vis-à-vis the crypto-currency, and says that a regulatory framework is simply indispensable.

Pixabay – Leamsii / crypto-currencies should be regulated in the next few months, according to Christine Lagarde.

However, the woman in French politics admit to having a certain admiration for this technology : “What is fascinating with crypto-currencies, it is the technology on which they rely. This technology records distributed which ensures the identification, trust, authentication of transactions, without any intermediary, I think that it is the dream of the original inventors of Bitcoin. “

Christine Lagarde shows himself so firm on the regulation of the crypto-currency that is therefore a necessity. It fits well with a number of countries such as France and Germany already working on the topic over the last few weeks.

Source : NCC