For the brothers Winklevoss, the price of Bitcoin could be multiplied by 40

The brothers Winklevoss, who recently became the first billionaire in Bitcoin, come out of the silence to evoke in particular the fall in the price of these last days. Obviously, these young Americans are not worried about the future of the crypto-currency.

A regulatory framework necessary

It was during an interview for Bloomberg TV that the famous twins Winklevoss spoke of the crypto-currencies. In particular, they talked about the debates that take place these days within the u.s. Senate concerning the establishment of a regulatory encadrerait the crypto-currency. Unlike many investors, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss think it is a good news : “These technologies can thrive and expand without regulation reflected, which can enable them to be connected to the world of finance. […] If the authorities manage to find the right balance, we believe that such measures will be beneficial for crypto-currencies. “

Pixabay – Leamsii / regulation around Bitcoin is reassuring for investors, according to the brothers Winklevoss.

We rather want to trust them given that they have invested astronomical sums in Bitcoin in 2012. Today, they are at the head of a colossal fortune.

The protection of investors

The regulators will, according to them, in order to protect investors in an efficient way : “My regret, it is that the regulators have not demonstrated a sufficient speed to provide frameworks that are clear and to allow legitimate players in the ecosystem. This is not a coincidence if the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum increase when services are more regulated, such as Gemini. “

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / According to the twins Winklevoss, the price of Bitcoin is going to increase rapidly.

Gemini is their platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies, they have founded in 2015. The twins Winklevoss continue to compare the Bitcoin to gold and claim that the price of Bitcoin is going to be multiplied by 40 in a few months.

The two brothers are therefore very confident about the future of Bitcoin. We’ll see if they are right…

Source : News BTC