For the first time, a football club Turkish pays for the transfer of a player in Bitcoin

This is a great first ! A football club Turkish comes to make the first transfer in the world in Bitcoin. In fact, it is the club amateur Turkish Harunustaspor which was signed on Tuesday a contract to a player, and who has paid for the transfer in part in crypto-currency.

A world first

The football team we’re talking about today is based in Sakarya in Turkey. The player affected by this transfer is called Ömer Faruk Kıroğlu. He is 22 years old and enters the story ! In fact, his contract is a world first. It was paid for in major part in Bitcoin : 2 000 Turkish pounds (531,70 dollars) in Bitcoin, and 2,500 pounds in cash, for a total of 4 500 pounds. The President of the club, ibn’i haldun Sehit, is particularly satisfied with this transfer, and explained this bold choice : “We made it for us to make a name in the country and in the world […] We’re proud of it. “

Pixabay – Geralt

Kıroğlu is also very happy since this transfer in crypto-currencies allows him to be in the media covered in the world : “This is a first for me, and for the world. As the president has said, we are doing something new. “

A distrust of government

However, the Turkish government has recently warned the users of crypto-currencies. In effect, the politicians believe that this virtual currency carries risks. Like many countries, Turkey regretted the lack of legal basis and regulation for virtual currencies. In spite of everything, with this type of news, it is understood that the virtual currency is in its infancy and that it is done slowly but surely to a place of choice in the world of international finance.

This transfer of a football player partly paid in crypto-currency is a world first. Maybe others will follow shortly !

Source : CNews