For the former CEO of PayPal, the Bitcoin is a huge scam

Bill Harris, the former CEO of PayPal, believes that the Bitcoin is a huge scam that has no future. It is in effect out of silence to remember the fact that the speculative nature of these digital assets is not conferred on them in reality absolutely no value. Back on these comments that are causing controversy.

A great ploy

Bill Harris does not like crypto-currencies, and this time, he says out loud to whoever wants to hear it. In fact, the former CEO of PayPal, has talked of buyers poorly informed, and of a spiral of greed. According to him, Bitcoin is ” a gigantic scheme of “Pump-And-Dump”, as never seen before. “

Pixabay – Designerkottayam / According to the former CEO of PayPal, the Bitcoin is a scam of great magnitude.

The man detailed the disadvantages of Bitcoin. In particular, he explained that this crypto-currency was not a means of payment since it was hardly ever accepted. In addition, its volatility does not allow him to become a real means of payment.

A huge scam

Bill Harris has also stated that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies could be used for criminal purposes or for money laundering. He added that the Bitcoin had never had any value and thus has posed the following question : “In what rational world, someone could simply issue an electronic certificate or to announce that he has the intention to do so, and thus create, from nothing, billions of dollars of value ? “

Pixabay The Digital Artist / Bill Harris announced that it is necessary to regulate the crypto-currency quickly.

Bill Harris has finally discussed the energy consumption related to the mining of crypto-currencies. For all these reasons, the former CEO of PayPal believes that it is imperative to regulate the crypto-currency and take measures of repression quickly.

Bill Harris, therefore, has an opinion well settled on the issue of Bitcoin and digital assets. Of course, its about particularly violent, led to a wave of reactions on the part of those who defend the crypto-currencies. If he wanted to make the buzz, we can tell him a big congratulations !

Source : CryptoVest

  • sophie Thierry

    I’m not of the same opinion with Bill Harris. It is true that bitcoin has its drawbacks, but let’s be realistic. What is there in this world that does not have weak points ? Me, I prefer to concentrate on the benefits of this virtual money to continue my investments on Exagon. For my part, the bitcoin is a currency with great potential and its value never ceases to amaze me. Maybe this is when he sailed again in the $ 15,000, or even more than he believes in the glorious future of this currency.