Former executives of PayPal, is investing millions of dollars into companies of crypto-currencies

The market for crypto-currencies continues to grow. 2018 is announced as the year of digital currency. The value of these crypto-currencies has increased considerably in 2017. Currently, the Bitcoin is trading at more than 17 000 dollars.

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So, investors are flocking to this sector full of promise. Moreover, recently, Bit10 Asset Management of Bitwise Asset Management, an index fund of crypto-currencies, which invests in the 10 main virtual currency on the world market, has raised $ 4 million from former executives of PayPal.

Minimization of risks

The investors, including Naval Ravikant, Keith Rabois, and former chief operating officer of PayPal, David Sacks, raised $ 4 million to Hold 10. According to Hunter Horsley, CEO of Bitwise, Hold 10 is only open to accredited investors and allows them to allocate funds within 10 crypto-currencies are the most popular on the market. Mr Horsley stated believe that a project like this is a great way for many investors to participate in the development of the virtual currency.

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By investing more than 60 % of the funds Hold 10 in Bitcoin, the company’s objective is to minimize the risks and optimize the profitability of the investors. Using 10 crypto-currencies are the most important, investors will have more confidence in the company.

Diversification of assets

In reality, at least as investors dedicated to the investment of crypto-currencies and the research of emerging technologies in the market, it is difficult to develop in-depth knowledge of the many virtual currency. While most of the investors on the market of crypto-currencies still hold 100 % of their funds in Bitcoin, a diversification asset can significantly reduce the risk, because the digital currency performance can cover the losses of assets subordinate.

According to the CEO of Btiwise, these 10 crypto-currencies will allow investors to maximize their profitability. In addition, they will have a knowledge sufficient to justify their investments.

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