France and Germany call for talks on the regulation of crypto-currencies at the G20 summit

Senior officials in france and germany have issued a letter urging the financial managers of the other countries to discuss the implications of regulatory crypto-currencies at the upcoming G20 summit.

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The leaders want to regulate the market of digital currency

The letter was written by the French Finance minister Bruno Le Maire, Peter Altmaier of the German ministry of Finance, the governor of the French central bank François Villeroy de Galhau, and the president of the German federal Bank, Jens Weidmann. The document stresses the need for a regulatory approach in order to refine the policy on crypto-currencies. These leaders urge the financial managers of the other countries to discuss issues relating to the policy of digital currency and its application at the next summit of the G20. The letter also called for a report from the international monetary Fund on the potential implications that crypto-currencies may have for global financial stability.

Source : Wikipedia. Angela Merkel, Donald Trump and Theresa May at the G20 summit in 2017, which was held in Hamburg.

In this document, it is stipulated that the officials believe in the new opportunities arising out of crypto-currencies and the underlying technologies. In addition, the virtual currency can present significant risks for investors, there is-he explained.

The authorities advocate the extension of existing regulatory mechanisms existing financial

The letter calls for the extension of the devices of regulation of crypto-currencies. In this document, it is stated that great efforts have been made in recent years to protect investors and the users of digital currency.

The paper explains that France and Germany have already taken tangible regulatory measures concerning crypto-currencies in the field of the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. We also discover facts about the lack of public knowledge. This initiative could contribute to the implementation of a unique regulation for the country members of the G20.

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