GIFcoin has achieved several of its objectives, even before the end of its ICO

VitalBet, the website from which GIFcoin began its crowdsale, which has now been renamed ” Buff88 “.

Less than two weeks after it reaches its Soft Cap of 5 000 ETH, which made the project a success, GIFcoin has pleasantly surprised its investors with another important novelty.

GIFcoin, the first investment fund in cash games in the world, has just announced the crossing of a milestone of its roadmap : the release of a new version of its interface. The program promised, in effect, the transition to a new design and streamlined, with a user experience that’s unparalleled.

Try Buff88 and its new, intuitive design

The online gambling industry, colossal, weighing in at several billion dollars. An increasingly important part of this consists of betting on the video games, sports (eSports), especially in Asia where people are literally crazy about their video games and favorite players.

In this context, the transformation of VitalBet in Buff88 is a decision logic that is relevant. The number of players of esports, both professional and amateur, should explode in the coming years, which will only boost the bets attached to it – and therefore the revenue of bookmakers.

The new website Buff88 has been created for the players. Its section on esports – with its interface intuitive to use, and its betting options is unmatched – will delight both seasoned players and newcomers.

Why this name ?

We find three symbols behind the name of Buff88…

— The King of the Monkeys, emperor of eSports

The Monkey King, also known under the name of Sun Wukong, is a god of recovery in many legends, stories and books through the asian continent. In recent times this figure has been revisited as a character in various video games, and especially in Dota 2 and League of Legends.

In general, it is extremely agile and strong, but also stubborn and willing to try her luck and compete with intelligence against opponents with the most powerful. The intentions that lie behind the personality is energetic and mischievous King of the Monkeys, defy all the established rules : he strives to be the best, even when this would mean to be the equal of the Emperor of the Sky…

Of course, this is the reason why GIFcoin was chosen for the mascot of Buff88 : he becomes the emperor of esports.

— 88 : a lucky number

In China and in the areas of chinese language, the number 8 is associated with luck. This is due to the perfect symmetry of this number on the one hand, and on the other hand, the pronunciation of the number 8 – ” bâ “– closely resembles ” fâ “, as in ” fâcái “, which translates to ” make a fortune “.

But why 88 ?

The number 88 looks like visually to the chinese character 囍, a good-luck charm meaning “double joy” (symbol of joy family). Even more, as some will have probably already guessed, this 88 features the second meaning to make a fortune two times, that is to say, to be able to have even more luck…

— Buff

If you bet on esports, you’re probably familiar with the term ” buff “. It refers to ” a positive effect which increases the efficiency of a power or the performance of a given skill “. The range of over 25 eSports on Buff88, in addition to its betting options specific, will certainly be – that is, of paris – a “buff” in the real life of every player…

GIFcoin and Buff88 revolutionize the crypto-paris

Although the ICO of GIFcoin is not yet complete, it has taken another step in its roadmap : add more crypto-currencies which can be deposited on Buff88. In fact, in addition to the digital currencies are the most popular – BTC, ETH, and LTC – you can deposit more than fifty other altcoins.

GIFcoin inaugurates a revolutionary path, not only for the punters pure and hard, but also for savvy investors able to become aware of the enormous potential that represents the industry of online gambling. As an investor of the first hour, you will have the chance unusual you approach boldly the huge profits promised by this sector is still young. GIFcoin is willing to share with you 80 % of the net profits of Buff88, depending on your number of tokens GIF.

Get your tokens with a bonus of 15 % before the ICO the end !