GIFcoin successfully reached the Soft Cap and put the cap to the Hard Cap

The concerted efforts and hard work of the team GIFcoin and its many investors have led him to reach the ceiling flexible project 5000 ETH. Now, together, they are moving forward with more confidence to the maximum limit, which is set at 24 000 ETH.

While a few months ago, and reached an Initial Corner Offering (ICO, fundraising with a cryptomonnaie) of its ceiling flexible was not part of the feat, since the beginning of 2018, this has radically changed. Among the main obstacles that the ICO are currently facing are the bans of advertising on very large media and channels, such as Facebook and Google.

Why only an untrained investor does GIFcoin?

Although nothing is certain in this world, when a project is supported by an existing web site and beneficiary, things seem much more real, trustworthy and transparent. And that is exactly the case of GIFcoin because it is backed by a company which is already operational, etrentable. This gives already an “unfair” advantage compared to the majority of other ICO that are simply “ideas” of which the realization is, and it is the least we can say, debatable

The idea of GIFcoin to conduct an ICO is to raise funds to further improve its current activity and enter new markets. And since the team GIFcoin believes fermementà mutual growth, it will share 80%of the net profits of the company with its investors each year. As long as you are a holder of a token GIF and that you are in possesion of these at the end of each calendar year, you will be entitled to a large part of the profits yearly, which goes directly to your wallet ERC-20 ETH.

And above all, the company, which supports ICO of GIFcoin, is in the TOP 3 industries online the most lucrative with revenues in 2017 are estimated at over 500 billion dollars. By 2022, this market is expected to grow at a TCCA +8%.

GIFcoin was able to achieve a private sale and sell four different stages with their their respective bonuses. All this happened under the conditions extrêmementsévères a bear market, which is a remarkable feat in itself.

Currently, GIFcoin is in step 5, gradually approaching his ceiling flexible. Investors cannot afford to miss this step, given that the ICO is already a success, and especially with the bonus attractive current 15%.

The transparency in the world of Crypto is crucial

While most of the ICO are only concepts, GIFcoin demonstrates boldness being:

1) Supported by real and profitable business.

2) Ultra-transparent with its investors, regular meetings and direct, implementing the recommendations important.

3) One step ahead by already working on the first steps of the roadmap even before the ICO arrived at its end.

If you are eager to learn a little more about GIFcoin and his upcoming projects, take a look at the white paper of the ICO or their “Litepaper”.

If the idea of growing mutual interest to you and that you have already made your decision, you can invest here,and join the chain Telegram GIFcoin where discussions are the most important.