GMO Internet develops chips mining of 12 nm

GMO Internet, a leading manufacturer of technology products, japanese and recently entered into the industry of mining equipment, announced that it has designed a chip of semi-conductive FET 12 nanometers. The company describes the innovation as an important step towards the realization of a technology to mine more efficient.

A chip is much more powerful

GMO Internet has announced the development of a new chip mining 12 nm based on the processes the FCC, during the first phase of research. The company has hailed the creation of its smart mining FFC of 12 nm as an important step towards the design of a computer high performance for mining. The LDA has pointed out that this technology constitutes an innovation in the world of the mining of crypto-currencies.

Here are the details regarding the development of this chip :

The LDA has stated that it will proceed now to the next stage of development for designing a technology for processing of 7 nm. The company added that it will not sell panels mining based on the process and FFC.

GMO Internet reinforces the importance of the industry the mining equipment

GMO Internet, a company whose headquarters is in Tokyo and includes more than 60 subsidiaries in 10 different countries, announced its entry into the mining industry in September of last year. The group expressed its desire to support infrastructure, mining of crypto-currencies, describing the world of digital currencies as a booming sector. BMT currently operates a mining centre powered by renewable energy located in Northern Europe, and seeks to develop and introduce the next generation of cards mining equipped with chips of 12 nm in the first half of 2018.

Source : Pixabay. Launch of a chip by GMO Internet, for the mining of crypto-currencies.

The announcement concerning the development of the chips 12 nm LDAS occurred on the day when the company revealed that it had started offering the official version of Cloud Blockchain. The company describes the platform as a solution of the type PaaS enables users to build applications using Ethereum.

Source : NewsBitcoin