GMO Internet wants to get started in the mining of the Bitcoin

The leader of the japanese Internet, BMT Group, announced yesterday the launch of a new activity in mining of crypto-currencies, through their european subsidiary, in the aim of better understanding the Bitcoin.

The mining of digital currencies is today an activity attractive more and more investors. With the significant increase in the price of Bitcoin this year, all want to begin in this sector. Moreover, this situation has led to the development of the manufacturers of graphics cards, like AMD or even NVIDIA.

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LDA wishes to operate in Northern Europe

The japanese giant GMO Group has formalized the launch of a new activity in mining of crypto-currency that will exploit the existing technology for the extraction of digital currencies in Northern Europe. The new company wants to develop in several steps, said the spokesman for the group. GMO Internet has published an announcement on their website, indicating that they will use the chips are very efficient in the process of mining of crypto-currencies and is currently collaborating with a partner possessing the technology necessary for the development of computers with extremely high performance.

If you missed this announcement, here’s a summary :

The company plans to initiate mining operations in the first half of 2018. There is only one week, the GMO panel has proposed that a part of the pay of its few thousand employees in Bitcoin to support digital currency in the group.

More actors in the mining industry

With a head office in Tokyo, the group consists of more than 60 companies located in 10 countries. The decision to operate in the mining sector will allow the group to become the direct competitor of Bitmain. The latter dominates the market of mining equipment and is the developer of ASIC chips. We are now waiting to see if LDAS Group will be able to survive in a sector where China is the leader.

This technology is very effective, confirms the group. Moreover, The CEO of RSK Labs, a developer of mining solutions, Diego Gutierrez, has already said that the chips 7 nm, are the next generation of technologies of minors.

Source : NewsBitcoin