Goldman Sachs : The value of Bitcoin will still increase

In recent months, the price of Bitcoin has increased at an incredible pace. According to an analyst from Goldman Sachs, it will not take long before the digital currency does not exceed the bar of $ 8 000. Earlier this month, the value of Bitcoin has continued its progressive trend reaching a new record, breaking the mark of 7 000 dollars.

An unprecedented increase, but certainly, the analyst of Goldman Sachs has predicted that Bitcoin will be around $ 8,000. Sheba Jafari, head of the research department at Goldman Sachs, said that the market for Bitcoin will still grow in the months to come.

The price of Bitcoin is going to stabilize at more than 7 500 euros before a new rise

Since the value of this crypto-currency has exceeded $ 6,000, experts believe that it will still increase and reach a historic peak. Some even predict that its value will go up to more than 10 000 dollars.

However, this analyst has already made another prediction in August, stating that the price of Bitcoin would reach a peak of 4 800 dollars, before declining to $ 2,200. Jafari believes that there will be no major slowdown. Once it has reached the $ 8,000, it will continue to increase, he explained.

Check out below the predictions of Jafari three months ago :

The opinions are various about the Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is the subject of many criticisms on the part of some traditional investors. In September, the CEO of JPMorgan, James Dimon, has said that he considers this technology as a fraud. A month ago, while the market for Bitcoin was in full swing, Kenneth Rogoff, has said that its price is going to stagnate.

In addition, they cited the repression of the governments in preventing the trade of crypto-currencies and the use of ICO. Fortunately, there are investors who are confident on the future of Bitcoin.

Source : Futurism