Golix integrates the Ethereum and the Bitcoin Gold

The only platform of exchange of crypto-currency of Zimbabwe, Golix.com added Ethereum and the Bitcoin Gold in its list of assets supported. This integration will allow the trade with the two crypto-currencies across the country.


Golix is broadening its horizons

Golix said in an e-mail sent to users of the platform : “We have now added the Ethereum and the Bitcoin Gold for the site. “It is important to remember that Golix already allows for trade in Bitcoin. But there has been disruption on the door-leaves digital the result of a technical problem. Golix has also informed that the platform of the exchange was operational again. The value of the Bitcoin has experienced a strong growth around the world. Moreover, the price of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe and is currently more than 30 000 dollars, as the country continues to suffer a liquidity crisis, and currency.


New measures announced

The new measures announced by the minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, such as the diffusion of digital money and the promotion of the production of currency by improving the exports have somewhat helped to alleviate the foreign exchange shortages and to overcome the obstacles their companies are facing. Economists in Zimbabwe say that the soaring price of Bitcoin in the country reflects the skepticism in regard to the other assets in Zimbabwe, as well as the inability to send money outside the country through formal channels. It should be recalled that in October, Golix has treated commercial values of Bitcoin amounting to $ 1 million, because the banks in Zimbabwe fail to perform the international transactions in time.

Source : Cryptocoinsnews