Google also prohibits the applications of blasting

Google continues its war against crypto-currencies, the famous search engine that has now taken the decision to no longer accept any extension of mining on the Chrome Web Store. From the month of June next, they will be permanently deleted.

Protect the internet users

This Monday, April 2, 2018, Google announced its decision. In her shop dedicated to the extensions, the Chrome Web Store, it will not be possible to find extensions of mining of crypto-currencies. The spokesperson of the company said : “as the evolution of our ecosystem of extensions, we wish to allow developers to continue to create innovative experiences, while offering our users the best security possible. “

Pixabay – Mohammed Hassan / Google wants first and foremost to ensure the safety of users.

In the month of June next, the extensions will therefore be permanently removed from the Chrome Web Store. In contrast, the other extensions related to the technology BlockChain will still be allowed. The objective is very clear since it is there to protect the users.

A determined policy

Google has explained that these extensions undermining crypto-currencies were sometimes without the knowledge of the internet : “In recent months, we have been able to witness the emergence of extensions of malicious that seem, on the surface, provide features to users, but with scripts mining of crypto-currencies and hidden, that were running in the background, without their consent. “

Pixabay – Geralt / extensions of mining of crypto-currencies will be removed next June.

A bad surprise at the origin of crypto-jacking, that Google has the intention of mastering it quickly. More than 90 % of the extensions of blasting do not comply with the rules established by Google : “These rules constitute a new step to allow users of Chrome to take advantage of the strengths offered by the extensions, without having to expose themselves to hidden risks. “

This decision was taken just three weeks after Google had announced the ban on advertisements related to the ICO and to crypto-currencies from next June. The giant of the Web is not the only one to take his distances vis-à-vis the crypto-currency, Facebook, Twitter, or MailChimp have also implemented bans.

Source : Bitcoinist