Google is the subject of a lawsuit in Russia after the ban of the advertisements related to crypto-currencies

A lawsuit has been filed against Google in Russia after the company has announced restrictions on the announcements related to the digital currency. The entrepreneur Vladimir Orehov has asked for a compensation of 2 billion rubles to Google. He indicated that the ban will not allow him to invest in projects that cryptographic.

Source : Wikimedia Commons. Google is the subject of a lawsuit after the restrictions on the announcements related to the digital currency.

Of business opportunities wasted by the decision of Google

Google’s decision to impose restrictions on advertisements related to the virtual currency, has triggered a court action in Russia. A Russian businessman has filed a complaint against the american group based in the country, reports vedomosti daily. Vladimir Orehov believes that there is a lack today of business opportunities and may lose money. He insisted to receive a compensation in the amount of 2 billion rubles, equivalent to $ 35 million.

The Russian entrepreneur has said they want to be compensated for the moral damage caused by this ban. The complaint has been filed with the court of Zamoskvoretche. His press officer has confirmed that the complaint had been registered on 15 march. Earlier last week, Google announced a plan to restrict the ads promoting crypto-currencies and the content related to ICO. These new rules should be put in place by June 2018. This decision comes a few weeks after Facebook issued a press release banning the ads cryptographic.

Check out below a video in English, relaying the announcement from Google :

Russia should not follow Google

The news on the lawsuit to Moscow arrive after the calls of the Duma against the restriction of the announcements related to the digital currency. Mikhail Emelyanov, the vice-president of the commission of parliamentary legislation, thinks that the prohibition of such advertisements is not a good initiative. Even if he is suspicious of crypto-currencies, the legislator considers that people should be free to choose.

Source : NewsBitcoin