Google will ban all ads related to digital currencies and the ICO

A few weeks after the announcement of Facebook, it is the turn of Google to make an important decision regarding the advertising dedicated to crypto-currencies and the ICO. The search engine the most famous in the world, has confirmed the ban, the measure entering into force as of the month of June next.

The end of crypto-advertisements

A few weeks ago, Facebook has been the buzz in prohibiting advertising in connection with the crypto-currency on the social network. It is now Google which ad to make the same decision. From the month of June next, it will be forbidden to make advertising for the digital currencies and the ICO, the goal being to protect the users against possible damage.

Pixabay – 422637 / The search engine has taken the same decision as Facebook.

This decision is not surprising. In fact, the giant of the Web leads to a new policy in the last few months, and has already banned the advertising of financial products considered as dangerous, such as binary options or CFDS. This time, the application is extended, as explained by the spokesperson of Google, recalling that the prohibition would relate to : “Crypto-currencies and related content (including, without limitation, the Initial Corner Offerings, exchange platforms for crypto-currencies, the wallet of crypto-currencies, the tips of trading crypto-currencies). “

More publicity for crypto-currencies

Not only is Google going to ban the crypto-advertising on its website, but the company also decided to remove the currency digital the AdSense program. This last one allows you to generate revenue by displaying ads from partners. This is bad news for many contractors, but the goal is once again to protect investors.

Pixabay – 422637 / the giant of The Web wants first of all to protect the internet users.

In fact, Scott Spencer, the director of the ads on Google, explained on CNBC : “We don’t have a crystal ball that allows us to learn about the future of crypto-currencies, but we could see enough of the harm, potential or actual, caused to investors in an ecosystem that we want to understand with great caution. “

The decision is taken and the prohibition shall enter into force from the month of June next.

Source : NCC