Government sites targeted by a crypto-jacking of large-scale

A new case of cyber-attacks has been updated a few hours ago. This time, this are Web sites belonging to governments, british, and australian mostly that have been compromised by hackers. The visitors were destroying the crypto-currency without their knowledge.

Malicious software

Yet another case of cyber crime that comes to tarnishing the image of the virtual currency. In fact, several government websites, including that of the parliament of Victoria or of the civil court and administrative of Queensland, have been targeted by malicious hackers. The process bears the name of crypto-jacking. In fact, the principle is relatively simple : the computer of the internet user who visits this site, extract the crypto-currency without its permission. This is cost-effective for the attacker that generates significant profits.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / This are several government sites that have been the target of the cyber attack.

Last Sunday, many Internet sites that government have, therefore, been infected. Officials speak of thousands of sites in the United Kingdom, and Australia. France has not been immune either, but to a lesser extent. Only the site of the city of Asnières-sur-Seine would have been reached by the malicious software.

A technique of crypto-jacking

The program allowed you to convert the texts present on the site in audio file. This is very useful for vision-impaired web users. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, the internet users were destroying it so the virtual currency.

The specialists of the computer security TextHelp have confirmed that hackers had inserted a script called Coinhive in the software. It is Coinhive that captures the power of the ordinary and then retrieve the crypto-currency, which was no other than the Monero. This is one of the first times that this script is used without the users are warned beforehand.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / now We are talking about crypto-jacking, a new term to target attacks linked with crypto-currency.

Scott Helme, the security researcher based in the United Kingdom, has discovered the intrusion. He said : “We do not yet know how Texthelp has been compromised, so it is hard to tell if they were really unlucky or if there was an inherent problem with what they were doing. But, there are ways for the sites of the government are protected. This can be difficult for a small website, but I would have thought that on a government website, we would have had we expected that these defense mechanisms are put in place. “

The crypto-jacking, which is a new term, therefore, seems unfortunately to be fashionable. What that does, unfortunately, not in favour of crypto-currencies.

Source : The Guardian