Grayscale Investments is planning to launch the largest investment fund of crypto-currencies

This Wednesday, Grayscale Investments, the creator of the Bitcoin Trust, has announced the integration of a new investment fund of crypto-currencies. The company plans to launch Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund, which aims to have the best digital assets in the economy of crypto-currencies.

New fund launch of crypto-currencies

The managers of a very popular investment funds GBTC, Grayscale, have decided to create an investment product much more important, consisting of crypto-currencies more efficient. According to the announcement of Grayscale, the portfolio will be comprised for the moment of Litecoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The CEO of the group, Barry Silbert, said to be delighted to further expand the product offerings of Grayscale, while the interest in digital currencies continues to grow.

Please see below the announcement of the launch of the GBTC :

He indicated that as a fund manager, Grayscale is committed to create investment structures that are familiar to institutional investors and to provide secure access to this asset class was emerging.

The fund is targeting a coverage of 70 % of the market of digital assets

The first funds of the Ethereum and Bitcoin have very well followed the rise of prices on the market. When Grayscale has launched its first product in 2013, during which time the Bitcoin was trading at $ 127, GBTC became one of the first traditional investment funds related to this digital currency. In July 2017, the company launched the Trust Ethereum, which is designed in the same way.

In the announcement made by the company, with a portfolio construction process based on specific rules, the fund is targeting a coverage of 70 % of the market of digital assets. It will be reviewed every three months to remove the digital assets existing or include new products. According to Grayscale, the group is a limited liability corporation of the Cayman islands, but based in the United States. The company is also not registered with the SEC and is not subject to the laws of the united states.

Source : NewsBitcoin