GrosBill will soon be accepting payments in crypto-currencies

GrosBill is a French company selling computer hardware. However, the giant has the intention of take part in the adventure of the crypto-currency. In fact, the spokesman of the company announced that it would soon be possible to pay in virtual currency. This announcement has quickly made the buzz, especially on social networks.

Not the Bitcoin

GrosBill is out of silence to announce a new one that gave pleasure to those who support crypto-currencies. In fact, the store selling computer equipment and was told that it would soon be possible to pay the purchases in crypto-currencies. However, GrosBill has not made the choice to Bitcoin. This was a surprise !

It is Ethereum, which is the place of honour within the French company. Obviously, this choice has raised many questions on the part of those who prefer the Bitcoin and who are surprised by the announcement of the French giant. It is on the social networks that GrosBill has quickly responded to the controversy :

BonjourParce that it was the most rapid to implement, and we believe that less volatile.

— Grosbill (@grosbill_com) March 13, 2018

An important decision

Yet, initially, Ethereum has not been designed to become a means of payment. But the performance of recent months make this crypto-currency a star, the proof with the decision taken by GrosBill. The ether has now become one of the digital assets used by the merchant sites and is positioned in the second position just behind the Bitcoin.

The payment in Ethereum on Grosbill, it is for soon. Stay tuned.

— Grosbill (@grosbill_com) March 10, 2018

The initiative taken by GrosBill, undoubtedly, will enable the French company founded in 1998 to stand out from the competition and attract new buyers. A strategy that could well prove to be quickly paid.

We do not yet know the official date of launch of payments in the ethers, but there is no doubt that the giant of the sale of computer hardware we will be informed on the social networks.

Source : TrustNodes