Hackers from north korea pointed out in a study

The new study published by the society of cyber security-Recorded Future is overwhelming to the Lazarus Group. It is a group of hackers in north korea who have attacked several platforms of exchange in south korea.

Of the hackers are north koreans in action

The results of the study published in recent days by the researchers of the company Recorded Future are without appeal. They point the finger at certain the hackers are north Korean. They are alleged to have carried out several cyber-attacks to steal money platforms in south korea : “Some of the actors linked to the north Korean government, including the Lazarus Group, have continued to target exchange platforms and users of crypto-currencies at the end of the year 2017. “

Remember to February 2017 : the second largest platform in the world, Bithumb, had been the victim of a hacking absolutely terrible. Terrible, because he had caused the loss of approximately $ 7 million. Of the money that belonged to individuals who invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular. An extensive study was then conducted to try to determine who was behind this hacking. However, the study published by Recorded Future at the time said that the cybercriminals north koreans had used many tools to access the digital wallets. Already, the pirates belonging to the Lazarus Group had been pointed out : “In 2017, the north koreans have jumped on the wagon of crypto-currencies. The first operation in north Korean-related crypto-currencies, dates back to February 2017, with the theft of the equivalent of $ 7 million of digital currencies on the exchange platform Bithumb “.

A cybercrime on the rise

The group of hackers, however, has continued his quest and has continued to steal money on the platforms in south korea, to a lesser extent. They always aim for the platforms of trading of crypto-currencies in south korea. An investigation is underway to determine the responsibility for exact of these criminals north koreans who continue to act in the shadows.

Pixabay – Tumisu

There is no proof for the moment to be made. But most observers are convinced that the responsibility of North Korea is not in doubt. According to Luke McNamara, analyst FireEye, this would only be a beginning. In fact, he has stated to Bloomberg : “This is an opponent that we monitor, and that is very quickly mounted in skills. […] They are able to develop the skills necessary to conduct espionage operations, in a first time, and then to steal funds. “

For the moment, these are just guesses. Charges troubling, which should be quickly updated.

Source : CoinTelegraph