Hackers in north korea hacked into computers to mine crypto-currencies

North Korea’s been much talk of it lately. In addition to the nuclear threats made by its leader, we now know that pirates attempted to hijack computers for the operation of crypto-currencies. The Pyongyang regime continues to seek alternative sources of funding, because the country is facing international sanctions, various.

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A unit of piracy known as Andariel has seized a server in a south Korean company the summer of 2017 and has been used to extract about 70 parts of Monero, a value of 25 000 dollars in the month of December, confirms Kwak Kyoung-Ju, an analyst at the Institute for financial security of South Korea.

The North koreans have shown a growing interest in crypto-currencies

The hackers are north koreans have shown a growing interest in the digital currency that became a real source of revenue for the regime of Kim Jong One. North Korea is speeding up its quest for liquidity abroad, while the world tightens its grip on its traditional sources of money with sanctions cutting oil exports and other trade bans.

Source : Wikimedia Commons

Kwak said that Andariel attacks everything that generates money currently. The virtual currency accumulated over time are very important, he added.

The Monero, a digital currency which is appreciated by the hackers

Hackers surely have seized other machines to exploit crypto-currencies. However, the Monero is the one they prefer. This virtual currency is more focused on privacy and easier to hide, said Kwak. Andariel was able to take the controller of the server is not detected by the operator, he explained.

A crypto-currency can be exploited when a mathematical problem complex is resolved. In addition, it requires powerful computers that often only businesses can have. All companies do not spend as much to protect their machines from hackers. Yapian, the chief executive officer of the company to trade in Bitcoin, Youbit, said in December that they were closed after being hacked.

Source : Bloomberg