Hackers take advantage of the crypto currency to enrich themselves

ESET, a technology company based in Bratislava, has detected this week a tide of JavaScript code used by hackers to undermine the crypto-currency from the user’s browser visiting sites that are not pirated.

The modus operandi of the hackers

The majority of web browsers automatically enabling JavaScript, the attackers only have to integrate a script extract on the web sites which have a traffic considerable. Actually, it is simpler to reach a significant number of PC hacking internet sites that attacking the computers of the users.

The studies conducted in this month of September 2017 by ESET revealed that hackers are targeting particularly those streaming sites or platforms specializing in video games. And for good reason, users spend considerable time on a same page. Thus, the scripts operating work longer, which has for consequence to increase the quality of the mining of virtual currencies such as Monero, Feathercoin, or Litecoin. This process of hacking is less efficient than the blasting done with a software, since it’s 2 times slower. However, the number of users vacant balance the delay.


Pirates hijack advertisements in the minors

Miner is a virtual currency on a user’s device without his or her permission is an intrusion. For this to be legal, it would be necessary to prevent it before starting the blasting, what the evil people are not in confusing advertising in the minors.

The experts at ESET have specially prepared a few recommendations concerning the protection against this type of threat :

  • The activation of the detection of the apps supposed to be critical and dangerous
  • The update of its security software
  • The establishment of a blocker of ads and scripts (be careful though, because the installation of a blocker script can neutralize some of the options for web sites)