Hamster Marketplace, an e-commerce website English, will launch an ICO at the end of November

Hamster Marketplace is a company based in London and is looking to revolutionize the industry of crypto-currencies by being the first online shop using the technology Blockchain. This brand is specialized in the sale of gadgets which are innovative, manufactured by start-ups or local companies. The company would like to collect about 28 million dollars thanks to an ICO. On this occasion, it is going to sell 14 million of the digital currency, referred to as the HMT.

The participants will be able to use the virtual currency HMT to get discounts on the items offered by the suppliers, access to testing of the platform, as well as the acquisition of new crypto-currencies. In total, there will be 20 million HMT and the 6 million remaining will be distributed among the project managers and major investors.

Check out below a video explaining the ICO :

An e-commerce site that can compete with the giants of online

Seeking to compete in a sector dominated by giants, such as Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay, Hamster Marketplace seeks to standardize the rules of the game. Large amounts of money are circulating online, Walmart and Targets totaled nearly $ 270 billion in capitalization, compared to the nearly $ 400 billion for Alibaba, and 470 billion for Amazon, says the NASDAQ.

Traders with budgets of marketing can generate more sales online. They develop more quickly, in contrast to start-ups.

Hamster Marketplace wants to exploit the potential of the Blockchain

The ability of this technology to exploit big data allows you to delete the intermediate. It promotes the relationship between the manufacturers and the customers. With this ability, the brand will be able to charge fees considerably lower than those currently being practised. Among the other features offered by Hamster Marketplace, there are the price analysis to enable customers to find the cheapest offer, the quality control transparent and the opinion verified.

Source : CryptocoinsNews