Here is a great way to spend crypto-currencies

The market of crypto-currency is volatile, evolving at the whim of interventions institutional and media coverage. Over the days, some States or companies say that they are favourable to crypto-currencies, while others are clearly hostile. But this new technology money is always good. Not only its investors are still in the game, but many holders of capital around the world are looking to invest. Many Altcoins are emerging with new ICO. Now, it remains to give the lie to the “official” did not see that investments in crypto-assets (comparable to works of art ?) and not a currency in its own right, like the Bank of France. The crypto-currencies are a reality that is tangible, allowing often to go beyond the boundaries and enjoy many benefits… The proof with a solution of crypto-payment new : DsB – namely, “Spend bitcoins” !

To consume thanks to its crypto-currencies

In the community, cryptophile, some of the play “uncle Scrooge” by never touching their nest egg. La Belle au bois dormant (sleeping beauty what ! Except that here the money is intangible and it is impossible to bask as in a swimming pool in good and due form… Yet, the basis for a currency, it is to be spent. In the manner of the gold that can be used investment as a means of exchange or conversion, the crypto-currency allows increasingly to offer goods and services everywhere in the world.

Individuals are always more likely to use crypto-currency for some purchases, while businesses accepting it are every day more numerous. Computer hardware, real estate, law firm… It is no longer a single domain that is still totally foreign to the crypto-currencies !

It is also this that just prove to us the start-up with, in particular, its Gift Card DsB. Spend bitcoins on Amazon was at the heart of the project. It is of course still valid, but several annexes were added to constitute an offer of the most enticing.

Altcoins and Bitcoins : the virtual to buy real

At the base, it’s all about spending virtual currencies through a gift card. The channel most indicated was therefore, Amazon, still. Following the feedback received from the community, the company has launched The Gift Card DsB-generating gift certificates in more than 150 e-shops such as Fnac, Darty,, Orange, decathlon, and of course Amazon… All of the ‘greats’ are there, listed on the website of the company and are accessible via a dedicated application, once payment is made. You can generate quickly and easily a gift certificate (from ten euros), just before checkout, for example !

In addition, this Gift Card DsB readily takes the shape of a payment card : if necessary, you can order a plastic card that, once recharge credit DsB, you will have to pay in more than 500 physical stores.

This is a way unique to his race of everyday life thanks to its crypto-currencies ! This method is in its infancy, and those are very promising : this payment method is called to impose itself everywhere little by little.

The users of payment cards, PCS MasterCard and TransCash can also recharge their cards from their wallet crypto currencies, and many maps will be added in the year depending on the demands of the community.

Currently in beta test stage, the platform that houses all of these services will be launched in the month of April under its general public. The year 2018 is expected to correspond to the trivialization and generalization of the crypto-currency in France, so there’s no question they will miss the boat ! The opportunities offered by are called to constantly expand, to the image of an innovative market of the most promising. To this day, many crypto-currencies are supported. These are of course (among others), the BTC, the Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, but also the Monero, the Neo, the DigiByte, the Komodo, the VerteCoin, Xem, the Ripple, the Zcash…

To grow his or her crypto-assets

First of all, it has what seems to be a contradiction… How could it be “to grow his or her crypto-assets” in the spending ? Well, in reality, it is a militant action in favour of crypto-currencies. Yes, because the public authorities accuse typically the last to be objects of speculation and protect excessively the anonymity. Most central banks consider them to be not as currencies in their own right.

So, to use his crypto-currency to buy products and services according to their needs, that is, give the lie to the detractors of the crypto-currency. The politicians see the tax haven of terrorists and traffickers ? Then show that the share of the money laundering is nothing compared to the real consumption and honest ! In the same way, you can prove the crypto-currencies are real means of exchange used to acquire goods. This will unmake the myth of the “crypto-speculation” and reduce the volatility of the markets involved, away from the shadow of any ” bubble “.

Then, especially if you are minez, don’t hesitate to spend a part of your crypto-currency, while carefully maintaining the other. This mode of action values over the long term the crypto-assets in their entirety : it is all profit ! And the more experienced will be able to finally imagine not living through to pay in crypto-currencies… before that was the norm in all developed countries !

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