How chinese companies using the technology Blockchain raise funds in spite of the prohibition of the ICO ?

The ICO have helped many start-up chinese to increase their funding this year. But they have faced the repression of the chinese government, which prohibits the ICO and the exchange of crypto-currencies. So how chinese companies exploiting the technology Blockchain are they to raise funds after the closure of the platforms of crowfunding ?

Create closed groups

The MDT (Measurement Data Technology), an ecosystem of data exchange that is decentralized will be used to reward users who share their data with companies. The team of MDT does not use any service of public relations to reach the largest possible number of users in the world. Instead, they simply create a group: and send to the members of the community an e-mail explaining the details of the investment. To attract investors, they promise 25 % bonus to new members. The virtual currency purchased will be unlocked when TDS will be listed on the stock exchange.

Here’s the video telling this information :

Currently, there are less than 400 members in the group. An investor is said to the project is really slow. They took two months to make it a reality, he explained. Since the trade of crypto-currencies have been banned, most investors just want to sell the currency they already have. They do not have too much desire to start a new project, he added.

The ICO are still possible

Mixins is a solution based on the EOS. It can transfer crypto-currencies using the technology Blockchain. The project proposes the dissemination of 1 000 000 XIN maximum. 500 000 XIN will be reserved for the team Mixins, 400 000 XIN will enter in the trading pair XIN/EOS on BigONE. The 100 000 XIN, will be sold to traditional users.

All members: have received a link inviting them to join Mixins. Projects that have permits to various chinese companies to raise funds.

Source : NewsBitcoin