How miner is Ethereum (ETH) ?

How miner is Ethereum (ETH) ?

You want to undermine Ethereum, but you don’t know how to do it. No problem, we offer you a guide to help you get there without any problem.

Choose the right equipment

You will not be able to not undermine Ethereum in good conditions if you do not have the proper equipment. You still need a fast computer with a capable graphics card, and recent, as well as a video memory at least 3 Gb. For the graphics card, the models RX470 and RX480 we seem to be the best compromise between efficiency and power consumption.

However, you’ll need more software. You will, in fact, an online wallet that will allow you to receive and store your crypto-currency. But you also need to have a software of mine. Currently, the best software for mining Ethereum is Claymore Dual Miner. Its main benefits are its good stability, its compatibility with the AMD as well as Nvidia, and it offers a large number of settings. However, to help ensure that you receive the Ethereum that you have mined, you have to make sure you associate the address of your portfolio and your software of mine.

Calculate the profitability

You need to calculate if the undermining of the Ethereum earns you enough money to be profitable. It means that you are earning more money than you invest. The spending generated by the mining of Ethereum are the purchase of the equipment and electrical consumption. In addition, the revenue generated by the Ethereum depend mainly on two factors :

  • the difficulty of mining is an important factor since the higher the level mine, the less you’ll get ethers. As a general rule, the more miners on the market, the higher the level of difficulty of the mining is high ;
  • the value of Ethereum is also an important factor. If it is not necessarily possible to accurately predict the evolution of the value of Ethereum, but you must anticipate it and keep a margin of safety for a sudden drop is not too heavy of consequences.

Choose how to work

You need to define how to work. If you are working alone, it will be more difficult to earn money and you will more time to generate your first gains. However, you keep the entirety of Ethereum that you have mined. Otherwise, you can join a pool mining. It is an option that will allow you to share efforts, but also the gains. That is to say that you minerez more ethers, but the gains will be shared between the various contributors to the pool. In addition, the pools of blasting generally take fees, which represent 1 to 10 % of the winnings. If you want to start working with a pool mining, we can advise you on the site Genesis Mining, which is very reliable and enables you to undermine many crypto-currencies (3 % discount on your contract with GENESIS MINING with the code : 8D7cYP).

What you must remember

  • Before miner Ethereum, you need to check if it is profitable, and equip yourself properly.
  • You must also choose if you prefer to work alone or via a pool of blasting.
  • To undermine the Ethereum by way of a pool mining, we recommend that you use Genesis Mining (3 % discount on your contract with GENESIS MINING with the code : 8D7cYP).