How miner of Bitcoin (BTC) ?

How miner of Bitcoin (BTC) ?

Have you heard of the mining of Bitcoin and you want to try, but you don’t know how to do it ? We tell you therefore how to proceed step by step to get there.

Equip yourself accordingly

The first thing to do before miner of Bitcoin is to equip you accordingly. In fact, even if it was possible to undermine with a simple computer a few years ago, it would now be difficult. Your low performance you wouldn’t even pay back the electricity that you will spend to mine it. To do this, you’ll need a card ASIC. This is a card that you install in the same way as a graphics card and that will allow you to have the necessary power to the blasting without it being too wasteful in energy.

However, if you want to avoid such an investment, you can also use the cloud mining. It is a system that allows you to use the equipment, another company that provides you with a rental contract. That is to say that you will rent the equipment from this company, instead of investing in your own equipment.

To miner you’ll also need to download two things. The first is a portfolio. This will allow you to receive and store your Bitcoin. However, please secure it. To this end, we recommend that you create a complex password and to choose a portfolio with several systems of protection. But you will also need to download a program of mine. Most are open source and free. We advise you to opt for the programs CGMiner or BFGminer which are the most effective. However, make sure that you tie the two together to ensure you earn the earnings of your blasting.

Choose how you want to work

You have two choices. The first is to work alone. However, you’ll need to make a colossal investment to be competitive and earn money. On the other hand, if you succeed in mining, you will receive the full reward. The other method is to register on a pool of blasting. This solution will allow you to earn money more quickly since the effort of blasting will be shared between all members of the pool. However, the money will be shared in function of your contribution in the pool. In addition, operating costs will be taken from your winnings. They are typically between 1 and 10 % of their amount.

Some pools interesting for the Bitcoin

If you decide to undermine it through a pool mining, you must still be careful to choose a reliable and cost-effective. It is for this reason that we recommend particularly Genesis Mining (3 % discount on your contract with GENESIS MINING with the code : 8D7cYP). Indeed, it is a site that is reliable and simple to use for beginners. For advanced users, we recommend that you opt for AntPool or which are two of the pools to be effective.

What you must remember

  • Before miner of Bitcoin, you need to equip you accordingly and provide you with the necessary software.
  • You must then choose if you minez alone or within a pool of blasting.
  • If you opt for a pool mining, we recommend Genesis Mining, AntPool and

Miner Bitcoin is it cost-effective ?

Since Bitcoins can be mined, one may ask whether it would not be worth the cost of the miner itself, rather than the trader. In reality, it is not cost effective for most people. Miner requires a very powerful computer, which is expensive. And the electricity bill is also to be taken into account. For this to be truly profitable, it is necessary to embark on a ” farm “, which is a real company in and of itself. Finally, with the constant evolution of the currencies, your equipment will quickly be overwhelmed (as well as the parts that you’ve chosen to undermine).

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