How technology Blockchain will it transform the industry of e-commerce ?

One of the capabilities of technology the most promising technology Blockchain is to ensure that Web transactions more secure and more cost-effective. This innovation creates a change in vision a major in businesses and internet users. Indeed, the way in which people use social networks, financial transactions, and the legal issues online is subject to a major transformation thanks to the possibilities offered by the technology of Blockchain and the ability to make secure payments in crypto-currencies.

When the technology Blockchain rhyme with ” Smart City “

The concept of ” Smart City “, which attempts to integrate the information technology with the management of the assets of the city, already uses the technology Blockchain. The most significant example is the city of Singapore, where the sale of immovable property is done through the technology Blockchain. The transactions include the contract, the transfer of title and the payment in crypto-currency. In 1995, has been launched to give people the opportunity to sell and buy products online. But this platform was only connect the buyer and the seller, without providing any means of payment. In addition, the Web site has become the favorite place for crooks of all kinds.

Blockchain and crypto-currencies

When Amazon and eBay came on the Web, the world of online sales has been able to benefit from a more secure and more convenient for online transactions. Nevertheless, the system proposed by these two giants of e-commerce was still flawed. With the advent of crypto-currencies, technology Blockchain is a timely issue. It allows not only secure transactions, but also allows you to fight against fake goods sold online. In fact, the technology Blockchain allows you to easily find the source of a product, thereby reducing the rate of penetration of counterfeit goods. In addition, the cost incurred in the deployment of a system based on the technology of Blockchain is much less expensive, but it guarantees a greater speed and efficiency.

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